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Propel Your Learning is a fully integrated e-Learning platform designed by industry experts. Our platform provides best-in-class training on one of the most increasingly adopted technologies in the world, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and global business methodologies including Operational Excellence and AgilePM (Project Management). This course will enable you to identify automation and business improvement opportunities and implement effective solutions.  


Our platform is designed to train anyone regardless of experience. Whether you are just starting your career, or a professional looking to upskill, this course will enable you to add value to any business.  

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Propel Consult specialises in the provision of 360° digital transformation initiatives within the Robotic Process Automation sector.


We offer cost-effective and scalable solutions for customers embarking on an RPA program of work; from license allocation, development resource to full implementation and architecture management. Additionally, we can assist in establishing an RPA Centre of Excellence, enabling a knowledge-sharing hub where best practice, support and research is distributed amongst employees.


We provide training and mentorship facilitating a company to not only maintain a program of work, but to empower them with the knowledge necessary to continue scaling. This enables our customers to maximise the use of their company’s resources. As a testament to our established capabilities and first-class reputation, we are a Global Platinum Partner of Automation Anywhere, the leading global provider of RPA.  

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Automation Anywhere is a global enterprise RPA platform which has deployed over 2.1 million bots worldwide to a customer base spanning 90 countries. They have built the world’s most advanced digital workforce platform, serving over 4,000 customers including Deloitte, MasterCard and the World Health Organization. 


Throughout our 5-year relationship with Automation Anywhere, we have worked on global cross-industry projects. Collaborating with Automation Anywhere on projects has enabled us to deliver successful results for our client base, which includes Chanel, Ricoh Europe and BMI Group among others.  


Here are a few words from Armando Capogrossi, Senior Program Manager at Automation Anywhere:


“Propel Consult is a great organisation, their focus on excellence, dedication to customers and maturity in the intelligent automation space are very strong assets to enable success in the most complex digital transformation initiatives.”  

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