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What is AgilePM?

AgilePM (Agile Project Management) is an iterative approach, where business cycles are used to plan and complete each component of a project. Originally designed to improve the process behind software development, Agile has been leveraged for project management more generally, particularly around areas of innovation. 


Capitalising on the cross-functionality of teams, AgilePM enables different parts of a project to be completed in parallel as opposed to linearly. Following the completion of each step, the iteration is scrutinised by the project’s team and stakeholder representatives. By continuously reviewing and responding the end customer’s feedback rather than the completion criteria, a team can refine the necessary steps to make a project as time-efficient and profitable as possible.   

Benefits of AgilePM

  • One of the most widely adopted project management styles used by 97% of businesses. 

  • Outstanding product quality is ensured as AgilePM methods embrace technological excellence and good design by taking a proactive approach to avoid and solve product problems. 

  • Higher customer satisfaction by maintaining engagement throughout the process and delivering results.

  • Stronger team morale through encouraging creativity, innovation, increased collaboration and ownership. 

Our Trainer

This module has been designed and created by Louisa Pavis, the COO of Apater Capital. Louisa was previously the Director at HSBC for Strategy and Change Delivery and has delivered AgilePM training to thousands of people globally.

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