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What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is centred around process efficiency in order to meet the evolving needs of a customer. Processes are required to be designed and improved for consistent delivery with minimum variation, ensuring they are resilient to change.

Benefits of Operational Excellence

  • Used by all businesses in the Fortune 500 list. 

  • Ensuring the optimisation of internal processes will ensure a company is best equipped to respond to customer engagement.  

  • Employees at all levels are empowered to identify areas for improvement. The added participation in key organisational decisions creates a culture of inclusivity.  

  • Clear communication is established and maintained facilitating company-wide cooperation at all levels allowing company targets to be achieved efficiently.  

Our Trainer 

Our Operational Excellence module has been designed by Jason Taylor. Recognised as one of the thought leaders in the industry, he has years of experience as a global proponent for Operational Excellence. Working for Smith & Nephew, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, Jason has rolled out a number of initiatives to streamline entire business processes.

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