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Propel Elevate Course Overview

The Propel Elevate Course will teach you RPA development and Cognitive Automation on Automation Anywhere’s V11 and A2019 platforms. It will also teach globally utilised business methodologies including AgilePM and Operational Excellence. The course has been designed to work around your schedule and preferred pace, so you can learn all of this between three to five days.


  • Receive best-in-class RPA training on the world’s leading platform, Automation Anywhere, taking you from a beginner to a skilled RPA user.

  • Discover AgilePM, one of the most widely adopted project management styles. This innovative approach enables the effective organisation of both people and projects. 

  • Learn about Operational Excellence, which is used by businesses worldwide to streamline their processes and deliver value to their customers. 


Our Propel Elevate Course offers you the opportunity to not only be active in the face of change but acquire the skills necessary to push ahead of the rest. If you are looking to upskill and stand out in this competitive market, then this course is for you.  

What is RPA?

In short, RPA is a technology that utilises software robots to emulate the actions of a human worker on a graphical user interface. It can automate rules-based, repetitive tasks 24/7 with 100% accuracy, rapidly increasing the productivity of companies.   


Use cases of RPA in the working world include: 

  • Data and form processing 

  • Employee onboarding 

  • Scheduling systems 

  • Tax calculations 

  • Database maintenance 

  • Expense management 

Benefits of RPA: 

  • Increase efficiency and ROI (return on investment) 

  • Eliminate human error 

  • Improve company compliance 

  • Facilitate scalability 

  • Improve employee morale 

Understanding this technology – used by over 3,000 businesses such as Amazon and LinkedIn – is exactly how you can make your CV stand out. 


Why RPA?

One of the fastest-growing enterprise technologies, with company uptake increasing year on year – the RPA market value currently exceeds $1.3 billion, with a predicted value of over $27 billion by 2027. Due to its widespread utilisation, you are highly likely to encounter RPA in some form during your career. To possess the ability to practically understand and implement an increasingly adopted technology will make you firmly stand out from your peers.


The Propel Elevate Course will teach you what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is, how it is used and why businesses leverage this technology. You will begin automating through our Build-a-Bot sessions which have been divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, to allow you to progressively challenge yourself and become more confident with automation.  


The Propel Elevate Course will prepare you to take the Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Certification. Upon successful completion, the course will enable you to implement your acquired knowledge in any career, whilst also giving you the option to pursue a career in RPA. 


Once you have completed the modules, there will be an additional 20 business-focused bots available for you to build. This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate to employers that you have independently completed multiple bots in domains such as Finance, HR, and Sales.

If you fancy trying RPA then give our free Build-Alongs a go. They are guided simulations in which you will build fully functioning bots yourself.

The Propel Elevate Course is completely FREE. Take this opportunity to learn RPA, AgilePM and Operational Excellence. Sign up here.


Realise the power of RPA with our interactive Build-Alongs, a guided simulation in which you will build fully functioning bots yourself.



Max Cassidy

Max Cassidy has over seven years’ experience developing RPA platforms globally and training people in automation. Previously, he worked as a specialist Automation Anywhere trainer, helping over 1,000 trainees to gain their advanced certification. Before joining the Propel Consult team, Max worked as lead developer on a project for the Australian government designing cognitive automation.


Anthony Brady

Over the past 12 years, Anthony Brady has trained people across multiple industries. Having previously worked in the Merchant Bank sector, he understands the importance of automating highly repetitive processes. Since joining Propel Consult, Anthony has trained all employees to become Automation Anywhere Master RPA Developers. Owing to his highly personalised teaching style and comprehensive RPA knowledge, he maintains a commendable 100% pass rate.

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